Group IDD is
the new
agency standard

built to deliver
real marketing
in today's changing
digital landscape

by constantly reinventing ourselves
through unbound thinking.

Group IDD

Group IDD is the result of integrating the three fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in Korea.
Innobirds, Dmajor, and Dbros Creative bring together their leadership in media, content creative,
and platform development to provide top clients with full-service,
integrated marketing capabilities for today’s digital age.

Why Group IDD?

Group IDD delivers brands’ unmet needs. We bring smart strategy, creative,
and execution expertise across all media. Our ideas are bred by innovation and
then utilized to strengthen a client’s needs and goals. By removing
, we transcend the agency status quo.

Our Foundation Begins From


Unbound thinking removes any and all limitations in how ideas are generated and executed.
This enables the freedom and ability to think beyond specific media, channels, or platforms.



Insights no longer emerge from traditional research techniques. Data now flows everywhere in our digital world and
we’re uniquely capable of extracting complex insights from these diverse sources to truly understand our consumers.
From real-time social data to custom profiling and data modeling, our methods encompass what’s beyond the obvious.



Our creativity is endless. It goes beyond the boundaries of traditional media,
beyond digital, beyond any particular format or channel. Our customers are both inspired
and curious by our ability to deliver the unexpected.



At Group IDD, technology is more than building and maintaining websites.
It is a fundamental part of our core DNA and we use it to power our creative ideas.
We harness technology to make products and solutions,
we gather it to analyze complex data, and we artfully merge it with content to inspire engagement.
There is no limit to what we can create and no problem
we cannot solve with our technological expertise.



Our team of 280 talented people work collaboratively across departments at Group IDD
Beyond the walls of Group IDD, we harness the power of the Yello Digital Marketing Network
and our expertise in search, data driven marketing, technology,
influencer marketing, viral, performance marketing, and digital media.
Our collaboration moves beyond borders as our sister agencies help
extend Group IDD’s network beyond Korea, including Southeast Asia and China.


Our Capabilities


    Joonghyuk Kim Executive Director, Campaign

    We focus on the big idea that propels our campaign and develop marketing strategies that aren’t limited to a specific channel or technology.


    Youngjoo Park Executive Director, Campaign

    We create a real solution that moves consumers with a live insight and new ideas that go beyond media.


    Simon Park Executive Creative Director

    We think differently to generate new ideas and spark creativity.


    Mira Kim Sr. Account Director, Digital Marketing

    Advanced social media management services which is trusted by leading brands.


    Joon Kim Sr. Account Director, Digital Marketing

    We deliver content that is 'consumed' with a content strategy based on an understanding of content consumer behaviors.


    Minhee Kong Sr. Account Director, Digital Marketing

    We provide new solutions and insights to lead trends through social, campaign and site development and operations.


    Min Cho Executive Creative Director

    From social content to big campaigns, we strive to deliver a high quality, creative product.


    Aaron Kyung Sr. Director, Media Solutions

    We focus on developing strategic plans that aren’t limited to ATL or BTL in order to create the best media performances.


    Wonsuk Jeon Executive Director, Video

    We create inspiring and shareable videos by understanding the latest video trends and using storytelling strategies.


    Taewoon Jeong Sr. Director, Development

    We implement cutting-edge technology and deliver the best user experience.


    Jikong Yoon Sr. Account Manager

    Create inspiring on-offline experiences and turn consumers into brand ambassadors.


    PyungKyu Chang Executive Director Business Intelligence

    We provide the right solution for our clients, so they can efficiently harness big data from a wide range of sources and use data mining.


    Daril Kim Executive Director, Global Business

    Powerful marketing solutions for iconic global brands advancing into the Korean market and Korean brands planning to make inroads into the global market.

We Are Hiring!

Are you an unbound thinker who wants to join an inspiring team and work with innovative clients? Then we are looking for you.
If you don’t see a position for you, send your resume and examples of your work to

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